Funeral Speeches Should be said with Pride

Funeral Speeches Should be said with Pride

We all know that we should never speak ill of the dead. Funeral speeches, therefore, should concentrate on showing the good side of the deceased. Whether we call them funeral speeches or funeral eulogies they should demonstrate how much the deceased meant during his or her lifetime.

Funeral speeches, therefore, should be positive. They should bring comfort to those who loved the deceased. You can do this by making them out to be wonderful in many ways. It is up to you to show their generosity, their goodness and what they achieved in life.

Mourner - Funeral Speeches Should be said with Pride

Most of us take our own achievements for granted. We are born; we learn to walk and talk, become educated and get a job. These things are too ordinary to be mentioned. What should be mentioned in funeral speeches is how the job was done, and how many people were better off for knowing the deceased. Funeral speeches should laud their influence on others and what they did to make them worth remembering.

Most of us don’t give funeral speeches for famous people. We give them instead for mothers or fathers, relatives or friends. We give them for people who meant a lot in our lives. Our funeral speeches should reflect that fact. Speaking of a well loved mother we should mention perhaps the stories she read to us as children, the way she went to work to help pay for our education or the way she nursed us when we were ill. When speaking of a father we might mention how he attended every sports activity or how they taught us to play chess. These are the personal memories that mean so much.

Always remember that your audience is grieving. Share in their grief by telling them how much you too miss the deceased. Tell them those little incidents that show the deceased in a good light. Tell of the fun you had together on holiday. Speak of that sports tournament you won or the debate in which you took opposing sides.

Funeral speeches should make the deceased come to life. They should make your audience sigh and smile. They should say, in a few words, how special those you have lost were. They should make family and friends are proud that the deceased played such an important part in their lives. Whatever the beliefs of those present leave them with a sense of hope that the person they loved and lost is not entirely gone but remains with them in spirit.

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